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30 Simple Pleasures

waking up next to the person you love a sunrise/sunset a walk in the park puppies a kitten’s purr a child’s smile a ride through the mountains a walk on the beach a boat on the river a lazy afternoon … Continue reading

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If I won the Lottery I will never understand all those people who win the lottery and wind up destitute and unhappy shortly afterwards, some even worse off than before they won. Why? They run out and purchase every single … Continue reading

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I yearn/beg/wish for a simple life Maybe I’m old fashioned, who knows, but I want to enjoy the rest of my life¬†with someone who has a strong mind and heart. someone who is well aware of all the bad in … Continue reading

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RROTD – 10/22/2013

Believe me, I’m 100% woman but Damn, some women are simply an embarrassment to our gender. I will never understand the women who see dollar signs when looking into a man’s eyes. The women who are with someone simply for … Continue reading

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Random Rant Of The Day – 10/18/2013

my FB status today: ¬† Regarding ILLEGALS:I believe we should close ALL borders until every single undocumented illegal alien either gets legal, or gets the hell out – and this is why:With the exception of Native Americans, WE ALL have … Continue reading

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Government needs a timeout!

Labels, Labels, Labels Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative,etc, etc, ad nauseum.I can’t stand labels such as these. It is my belief that they cause more harm than good, especially in this political day and age.Each group spends more time arguing about … Continue reading

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New Fiction – The Ghost

New Fiction – The Ghost.

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