Random Rant Of The Day – 10/18/2013

my FB status today:


Regarding ILLEGALS:
I believe we should close ALL borders until every single undocumented illegal alien either gets legal, or gets the hell out – and this is why:
With the exception of Native Americans, WE ALL have ancestors who at one
time or another, came here looking for a better life than what was had in their own country. I am not
against immigrants AT ALL…HOWEVER…What I am against wholeheartedly is coming to this country and
expecting not to abide by this country’s laws. If you truly want to be a part of this great country then do
your part as a LEGAL American citizen. DO NOT sit there and lambast this country when you do not have the
balls or the decency to legally register and become a law abiding, tax paying, etc. part of our society.Do
NOT sit there and bitch because your “rights” are being discriminated against, Do NOT sit there and piss/moan
about what you should get for free while hones,t hardworking, TAX PAYING, LEGAL citizens have to battle just to put
food on the table, and lastly – Do NOT dare to come to this great country and have the audacity to protest at
OUR landmarks and memorials while your illegal hind end sends every every un-taxed dime you make back home so
your brothers mothers aunts sister can have a great life in YOUR country. Signed, legal, social security card holding, tax paying, registered to vote American.

…annnnd I’m out.

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