RROTD – 10/22/2013

Believe me, I’m 100% woman but Damn, some women are simply an embarrassment to our gender.
I will never understand the women who see dollar signs when looking into a man’s eyes. The women who are with someone simply for what she can get out of them, the women who go after every dime she can get her hands on from a man. I do NOT agree with someone getting spousal support – sorry ladies, I know that’s a traitorous statement to make but I just don’t see how ANYONE should have to PAY you so you can live the life you’re “accustomed” to…I mean REALLY?? What does that say about you? That you’re not strong enough to take care of yourself, and that you’re spiteful at the very least. If I work at a job for 11 years and quit one day, do I go after the company to pay me anyway because I’m used to having that money? Come on..it’s stupid bullshit. Another favorite is when a woman refuses to sign divorce papers after several years simply because she would lose all the money/benefits/etc. she receives…Honestly??? You would rather stay legally married to a person who you do not love, who you do not wish to be with, simply because you don’t want to lose the income?? Are you f*cking kidding me? What in the hell is wrong with you?
Before you all start writing all the hate mail telling me about the ones who “did you wrong” and try to rationalize why you feel you deserve anyone else’s money, try this instead: Move ON.. No matter what happened, for whatever reasons, you’re relationship is over – it’s time to chalk it up as a loss and find someone else…or maybe that greedy streak that had you wanting someone else’s money is what kills your relationships to begin with. I was married for 13 years, I know all about the garbage a woman can deal with and I know what divorce can be like, I stand by my opinion. When Money becomes that much of an issue to you, you deserve to be single. I will NEVER understand how money can take the place of happiness or love, and I’d rather live in a shoebox with the man who means EVERYTHING to me, than in a mansion with the one who means nothing.

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