the letdown

she knew she fell too hard
let her guard down way too fast
she was never anything more
than just his piece of ass.

her mind had started spinning
all the brightness turned to black
she had given her love away
and he wouldn’t give it back

it is said that time goes on
and all her wounds will heal
she just wishes all this pain
was nothing she could feel

but for this girl right now
the tears will surely flow
she was wishing for a love
that just isn’t gonna show

she curses the lonely nights
that go on for far too long
all that she truly wanted
were his arms to hold her strong

she says her heart is breaking
it can’t take this any more
she says its just not worth it
when he treats her like a whore

and now she’d rather be alone
than get used like this again
the one for her is out there
but she might not let him in

for her,fairy tales don’t come true
and knights don’t save the day
the wall she builds after each let down
will drive them all away.

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