If I won the Lottery

I will never understand all those people who win the lottery and wind up destitute and unhappy shortly afterwards, some even worse off than before they won. Why? They run out and purchase every single luxury item they’ve ever wanted, they purchase 8 cars, and splurge on every fantasy they’ve ever had. Why?
If I ever won the lottery I would buy each of my 3 children 1 acre of land on which would stand a simple home…nothing grand or luxurious, just a simple home that they could live in without worry of it being taken away. A place for them to live a simple happy life, a place to raise their children. I would also give each a small sum of money to put away for emergencies.
I would also buy a piece of land for myself, and an old farmhouse, the kind with a big porch, a swing and room for some chairs to relax in. The farmhouse would be solid in foundation and structure, but would maybe need some work, some TLC. It would have a big kitchen, an old claw foot tub, wood floors, plenty of windows and at least one fireplace.  On the land would be room for several gardens, one would just be for “night blooming” flowers; another for lilies, roses, honeysuckle,fragrant flowers of all types, a home for butterflies, hummingbirds, etc; and yet another garden just for vegetables and herbs. I would also have room for a barn where I would keep a horse. I would want the land to be near the woods where there were trails to walk or ride,  near a field to run in.. Someplace with alot of trees and where all of nature could be seen and enjoyed.
I would buy an old Dodge Ram for use around the property, a motorcycle, and a simple economical car to drive when needed…none of which would be brand new. Whatever money was left would go into an account for bills, and savings.
While there are MANY fantasy ideas for lottery money, and yes even I have one…. to drive a Mclaren P1 around Italy and shop for clothes before hitting the all inclusive weekend at the spa 🙂   …I believe that’s all it is:  fantasy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it but it’s just not for me. While I would LOVE to have a jet black 69 Camaro in perfect original condition – I’m more the type that would buy the beat up, non-running one so I could spend my days fixing it up and restoring it myself. While most would buy a brand new home with every imaginable convenience built in – I would rather buy a house with history and character, and spend my days fixing it up to be exactly what I want. While many would love to travel the world – I am just as happy on a motorcycle ride through the mountains…’s just that simple

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